Understand your web visitors

With intuitive real time visitor monitoring from Visitpath

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To start using Visitpath follow the steps below

  1. Install Visitpath on your Hosting Server and on your personal computer (MS Windows only). To do that refer to How to install.
  2. Start Visitpath on your computer.
  3. Type the URL to the Visitpath Server in the `URL to your Visitpath installation` text field in the `Connect to your web site` section. This is the URL available on the installation summary page on your server under the name `Visitpath path server Url`. Normally it is the domain of your web site followed by forward slash and the name of the folder where you choose to install Visitpath.
  4. Type in the password you chose during the Server installation in the `Password` text field in the `Connect to your web site` section.
  5. Click on the `Connect` button. You will see a real time list of the visitors on your web site.
  6. Some or all visitors may not be visible until you install a proper license. To install a license click on the `Licenses` button. Then in the new popup click the `Add license` button and choose a license file. You can obtain a license file by Purchasing on here. If you have already purchased a license it will be available for download on the Licenses page of this website. To retrieve it please log in on this web site and click the `My licenses` button available in the top right corner to authenticated users.
  7. Once you see a visitor you may real time monitor his activities by clicking on the Camera button in the visitor description item.