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To start using Visitpath on your own web site you need to install two components. The first one is the Visitpath server side components. The server side components must be installed on the server that hosts your web site. The second is a the Visitpath client software which must be installed on your PC. These piece of software will allow you to connect to your web site and monitor your visitors.

Server side components installation

The Visitpath server side components are a set of components that are required by Visitpath to integrate with your web site. The Client software will contect to the server side components to allow you access to the system features.

The Visitpath server side components are available as WordPress Plugin.

Visitpath is also available for standard shared hostings or servers that support PHP 5 or later.

Client software installation

The client software is a program that you can install on one or more computers from which you plan to monitor your web site. It provides an user interface that allows you to monitor in real time all visitors on your web site and initiate visual monitoring seasion with each of them. It also gives you access to all other features of the Visitpath software. For more information on how to use the client software please refer to the How to use page.

The Visitpath client software is available for Microsoft Windows XP or later.