Understand your web visitors

With intuitive real time visitor monitoring from Visitpath

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The Visitpath software

With Visitpath's Real Time Visual Tracking feature you can monitor the activities of visitors to your website, test your advertising campaigns, optimize the design of your webpage(s) and the content based on your findings.

Knowing how your website visitors use your site is the key to successful online business.

Visitpath is the only real time visitor analysis software available in the industry.

Key features

See your site through your visitor's eyes in Real Time

Monitor the activities of every individual to your website as it happens when it happens. It's engaging too, imagine you can sit behind your website visitor(s) one at a time and see how they navigate through your site. Where they leave, the sequence of clicking buttons etc...

All visitor sessions recorded for latter review

You can watch back all visitor sessions in your own time.

Detailed Visitor information

  • Geo location of each visitor (Country, state, city)
  • IP address
  • Internet browser type
  • Time and duration of browsing session
  • Referral page
  • Search keyword
  • Webpage presently viewed

Multiple domain support

1 Visitpath client software can be used to monitor *unlimited domains (select domain's visitors from drop down menu)

*Additional domains require new license keys.

Define Sorting criteria in Software GUI

Decide which of your visitors you want to track by:

  • Arrival time
  • Current page
  • GEO location
  • IP address
  • Recent activity time
  • Referral URL
  • Search keyword
  • Visit duration

Visitpath will display the list of visitors as per the above picked criteria.

Instant visitor activity monitoring

At a glance you will see which of your visitors actively use their keyboard, mouse and scrolling the page.

Then, you can decide which visitor's activity you want to monitor by activating the real time action player.

Real time action player with session timeline including jog, shuttle

When in session tracking mode, you can use the timeline feature to "jump to real-time", alternatively view the recorded session at the point you wish based on the activity of the visitor. Timeline indicates at which point visitor moved to a different page within the site, used the mouse to click, when he/she scrolled the page and when he used his keyboard. Easily navigate to these points of the session and watch what and how it happened.

History Search Box

Search by keywords or IP address.

Affiliate Program

JoinVisitpath's affiliate program and earn commissions of 30% for each sale you send our way.

Private Label Reseller Program

Visitpath is the only Real time visitor tracking software available on the market. We also sell this technology to resellers through a 100% private-label program. Resellers can integrate Visitpath's powerful features in their existing software or create a completely custom experience for their customers. Choose from a hosted package charged by the number of users or the self hosted package which is a one off payment. Both plans include integration support and software maintenance.