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Become an affiliate

By becoming a Visitpath affiliate you can immediately start making 30% commissions when promoting Visitpath. To take part in the program you just need to create a free affiliate account with Visitpath.

If you already have an account with Visitpath you should log in and click on the "Become an affiliate" link in the top right corner. Otherwise you can create a new account using the form in the bottom of this page.

How does it work?

Signing up to become a Visitpath affiliate is free of charge. We will pay you 30% affiliate commission for every sale you send our way! When you sign up to the Visitpath affiliate program you will be able to create your own affiliate campaigns. All affiliate program related options are accessible to affiliate account owners via a button in the top right corner of this site titled `My affiliate campaigns`.

For each campaign you will have a separate Discount code and Link generator.

About the discount code

The discount code is a code which you can give to people as you promote Visitpath so they can purchase with a discount instead of paying the full price. When your prospects enter this discount code in the Visitpath shopping cart they will receive 10% discount when purchasing Visitpath for their website. This code will allow the Visitpath affiliate system to link the purchase to you. For each purchase linked to you you will receive a commission. In your account you can monitor the number of Visitpath licenses purchased using your discount codes.

The link generator

The link generator allows you to convert any link to a page on the Visitpath website to an affiliate link. The affiliate links allow us to connect the visitors that land on http://visitpath.com/ to your affiliate account. That way if you direct visitors to these affiliate links by sending them e-mails, writing forum posts or promoting Visitpath with banners on your own web site we will know that these visitors were sent by you. You will receive a commission for each purchase made by a visitor you sent our way. Again, in your account you can monitor the number of secured visitors and the number of licenses they purchased as well as your current commission.

Payments to you

The commissions you receive add up to the balance in your Visitpath affiliate account. You can claim your money by sending a transaction request to us from the Transactions page in your account.

Special cases and limitations

  • Because Visitpath has 30 days refund policy in case the software does not work on the web site of our client the payment of all commissions are delayed for 30 days until the refund period expires.
  • When you direct a visitor to the Visitpath web site using an affiliate link the web site will mark him for 30 days using a cookie. In case his purchase occures in another browser session the system will not be able to connect it to you if the visitor deletes the cookie or has disabled the cookies altogether. Also the association will not be made if the visitor uses another browser or computer to make the purchase.
  • In case a single visitor is directed to the Visitpath website by more than one affiliate the first affiliate who directed the Visitor will receive the commissions.
  • In case a visitor is directed to the Visitpath website by one affiliate, but he uses another affiliate's discount code during purchase the commission will be received by the affiliate whose discount code was used.

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