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12th August 2012 Visitpath Launch

12th August 2012 Visitpath Launch

A ground-breaking new software is scheduled for launch on August 12th, 2012.

Visitpath is an unprecedented, real time visitor tracking software program that allows website owners to “click and sit behind each of their site visitor(s)” and watch how they actually use their website as it happens.
For the first time in the industry – In Real Time.

Visitpath is like watching a live broadcast of your website visitors on your PC.
Website owners and online conversion marketing experts now have a real time option for website visitor analysis which ultimately leads to fixing online conversion problems.

“By watching visitor behavior across your entire site, you will be able to understand each visitor, how he/she uses your website and how each piece of content and design element relates to and proves to be useful to your conversion goals.
Having watched 50-100 visitors, you will undoubtedly have a good idea on what your visitors want to see on your website and how you can improve their browsing/shopping experience,” Says Ruslan Russev, mastermind of Visitpath.

Useful Results in Real Time

Fine-tuning onsite content and navigational routes is a cumbersome, manual process based on archived statistics and guess work. Visitpath allows continuous refinement and optimization of website content so website owners can quickly and easily adapt to changing visitor behaviors based on seasonality and the emergence of new trends.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Active use of Visitpath and responding to findings ensures that the most relevant results are discovered by reordering the website and placing the most engaging content up front. This reduces the bounce rate for visitors who do not to wish to spend time on the site while waiting to find the information they need. Visitpath is affordable. Website owners can take advantage of Visitpath’s introductory, one-time launch price, which is just $30 (U.S.) per domain. For third party integration partners, private label software integration is available on a project per project basis.

Ruslan Russev and his team of program developers are certain that Visitpath’s real time website visitor tracking is engaging, while at the same time offering immediate benefits for maximizing online conversion rates.

“If you like the new real time feature in Google Analytics you are going to love Visitpath!” says UK SEO consultant, Peter Bridge.

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