Understand your web visitors

With intuitive real time visitor monitoring from Visitpath

$9800 Per domain. One off payment. Purchase now

Introducing Visitpath TV Player (Coming soon with Visitpath 2.0.0)

Introducing Visitpath TV Player (Coming soon with Visitpath 2.0.0)

What’s every office missing?
Automatic playout of webvisitor activity to your Plasma screen.

It’s just like watching TV!
The content being - Your website visitors using your website.
Mouse activity, scrolling of webpages, filling in forms etc…. as if you are sitting behind your website visitors. One by one… IN REAL TIME.
Click on the VTV Icon in the Software Interface to begin automatic playout of web visitor activity.

And this is what you see on the Plasma display (or any other monitor attached to your computer) Your website in full screen while your web visitor is actively using it. (This is an example of VTV playing one of our Hungarian website visitors on www.visitpath.com)

Launch your own TV Channel today for $98 one off per channel/domain.
Hardware requirements:

  • PC with Windows XP and up.
  • Any VGA screen or LCD, Plasma screen
  • VGA or HDMI cable
  • Dual or Quad VGA card in case you are running more than one channel/domain per computer.
What exactly is Visitpath?
Visitpath is designed to help web site owners optimizing their webpages from user experience point of view. By monitoring website visitors the web site owner can see precisely what visitors are doing on the site and modify their webpages to improve the usability and most importantly the conversion rate if the web site is sales oriented. We believe that real time website visitor tracking is engaging meanwhile offering immediate benefits for maximizing online conversion rates.

Educational for the Office
Put it in your office and learn about your website visitors effortlessly all day.

Engaging in Waiting Rooms
Why not show off your website in active use to consumers who are waiting in your lounge.

Did you know?
  • Visitpath is integrated with Promptchat. You can initiate a live chat session through the Visitpath Sw Interface.
  • Visitpath is available for white labelling too. The quickest way to put your brand into all your customer’s offices!
  • Visitpath is licensed per domain ($98 one off) and quantity discounts are available.

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