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What is Visitpath?

Visitpath is a real time website visitor tracking software program that allows website owners to monitor website visitor activity on their website. Each visitor session is recorded for later review alternatively for the first time in the industry Visitpath allows you to watch your web visitors In Real Time as if you were sitting behind them watching their screen. Install it on your hosting account, Visitpath is a one time expense of $98.00 per domain.
Visitor activities playback


All website visits are recorded and you can playback the visits as it happened. Use the extensive timeline display with Play/Pause and Seek functions to better analyse each session. Go back and forth to better understand website visitor behaviour.
Real time visitor monitoring

Real time

Monitor your visitors as you launch a new marketing campaign and when you launch a new site. You will see all your website visitors in real time, referring pages, search keywords and present activity on the site including mouse, keyboard and scrolling activity. No need to wait for the visitor to leave before you can begin a session playback.
Historical visitor session recording


Historical information is available for all visits to the website. You can go back a day, a week or a month and watch recorded visit sessions on your web site. Visitpath records all website visits without limit on the number of pageviews.
Promptchat live chat software integration

Live chat

Integrated with Promptchat's live chat software for best in class proactive live chat engagement.
More about the features

Free demo

By starting the visitor monitoring demo you will be able to monitor in real time your own visit on this web site (http://visitpath.com). Similarly, you will be able to monitor all of your visitors activity on your own web site after having purchased the software. Click on the button below to go to the "Get A Demo" page where you will find a short list of instructions. Note that the history archive feature is not operational in the demo version so you can only see yourself real time browsing.
Convertion rates improvements

Improve contact form conversion rates

You can drive all the traffic in the world to your website, but it's a waste if the visitors don't convert. Contact form design is very often a significant contributor to poor conversion rates. Contact forms need to be optimized in order to minimize your visitors' frustration. Discover which fields take too long to fill, are most frequently left blank and cause your visitors to leave. With Visitpath you can actually see where visitors leave your site and whether simplifying your contact form or positioning it to a more prominent place on your webpages helps with increasing the number of visitors filling it in.
Dwonload and try for free

Download and try

During the demo process you will download the latest release of the software. You will need a computer with Microsoft operating system to run Visitpath. After purchase you will need to install Visitpath to your hosting account before you can monitor your website visitors.
Improved shopping expirience

Improve Shopping Experience

It is critical for retailers to know what consumers are experiencing. The ability to quickly identify and remedy customer frustrations means more leads and more business as a whole. Visitpath will help Online retailers in their work delivering shopping experience that meets the high expectations of their consumers.

How to use it?

Visitpath is designed to help web site owners optimizing their webpages from user expirience point of view. By monitoring website visitors the web site owner can see precisely what visitors are doing on the site and modify their webpages to improve the usability and most importantly the conversion rate if the web site is sales oriented. We believe that real time website visitor tracking is engaging meanwhile offering immediate benefits for maximizing online conversion rates.
Visit monetization


Convert your website visitors to paying customers by improving the way your web site guides them to the purchase. Do not let your expensive visitors leave your web site because it is improperly stuctured. Find out what is wrong and fix it.
Keeping the visitors on the website

Optimize Landing Pages

Who are your landing page visitors? What do you know about them and how do they use your landing page? The answer to this question is the foundation for a successful landing page strategy. Visitpath will help you answer all of the questions about what should or shouldn't be on your landing page.
Usability testing and expirience optimization

Testing and Usability

Website Testing is an essential technique in order to understand which website changes are useful to customers and profitable to the website. Website Usability is essential in order to build a better user experience that help users navigate the website.
More tips

Product demonstration

Start the video on the right to see a short demonstration of our product.

You can also try it yourself right now on this web site for free. For instructions on how to do that please refer to the information on the Demo page.

For more information and consultation please schedule a personal demo with one of our team members. Do that by filling in the Schedule free personal demo and consultation form.

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  • Introducing Visitpath TV Player (Coming soon with Visitpath 2.0.0)

    Introducing Visitpath TV Player (Coming soon with Visitpath 2.0.0)

    What’s every office missing?

    Automatic playout of webvisitor activity to your Plasma screen.
    It’s just like watching TV!
    The content being - Your website visitors using your website.
    Mouse activity, scrolling of webpages, filling in forms etc…. as if you are sitting behind your website visitors. One by one… IN REAL TIME.
    Click on the VTV Icon in the Software Interface to begin automatic playout of web visitor activity.

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  • 12th August 2012 Visitpath Launch

    12th August 2012 Visitpath Launch

    A ground-breaking new software is scheduled for launch on August 12th, 2012.

    Visitpath is an unprecedented, real time visitor tracking software program that allows website owners to “click and sit behind each of their site visitor(s)” and watch how they actually use their website as it happens.
    For the first time in the industry – In Real Time.

    Visitpath is like watching a live broadcast of your website visitors on your PC.

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  • Visitpath 1.1 is coming soon

    Visitpath 1.1 is coming soon

    Visitpath 1.1 is on the way with a set of new features and usability improvements. The new version will be available for free to all who already have purchased Visitpath licenses.

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  • Online visitor tracking software for better conversion rates

    Online visitor tracking software for better conversion rates

    With Visitpath you can:

    • Evaluate your site’s usability
    • Learn how to identify usability enhancements to your website
    • Do website visitor analysis in real time

    Also use Visitpath for Landing page optimization (LPO).

    Landing page optimizing is one part of a broader Internet marketing process called conversion optimization, with the goal of improving the percentage of visitors to the website that actually become sales leads and/or customers.

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  • Why track your website visitor's behavior

    Why track your website visitor's behavior

    And where does Visitpath fit into all this?

    Until now, modifying your website content to achieve better conversion rate was all guesswork.

    How could we have guessed how the target audience actually used the site? Try this, try that and then do something completely different just to find out that the 1st combination was the best and 2 weeks of tweaking the site was a complete waste of time. We have all been there and done that…

    With Visitpath you can finally can get behind the shoulder of your visitors and watch exactly what happens when it happens.

    It is the industry 1st Real time Web Visitor tracking software.

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